Love? Like? Need?

November 7, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

The whole concept of love is interesting and I have come to the conclusion that I want to learn more about the subject. I have questions that would be good to seen answered, or as much of an answer as you can get out of a philosopher. Why is it that We find someone attractive in the first place, the most obvious answer to me is biology. Perhaps this illusion we call attraction is merely a way to perpetuate the species. If that is true though then what of our cognitive power, and free will? Illusions as well? The type of people we find ourselves attracted to, is there simply a DNA thing or do we find their virtues endearing and there faults tolerable. Many of these questions stem from a biological stand point, but what about the psychological. If Person y really likes person x, person y attempts to date person x, then find out person x has a partner already. This seems natural to say that person x would not be available. Lets say that after finding this person y is quite upset and decides that she will attempt to stop emotional feelings for person x and succeeds. Is this a biological function or is it that our intellectual abilities trump physical need? Has person y surpassed the need of the biological or is it simply a matter of timing and similarly matching DNA? I will do some reading and attempt to answer some of my questions. Then I will update my findings.



  1. Wada said,

    The problem with your theory regarding the psychological aspects of attraction are that you are trying to somehow rationalize WHY person X is attracted to person Y by saying it is animalistic need.

    I disagree with your argument because in it you describe how love and the need to perpetuate the species are the same emotion. Would you argue that a dog does not love its owner? Obviously there is no physical need in this scenario. What does the owner have to offer the dog? Would the dog rather live alone than with its owner? No, because the owner offers it companionship, health, and safety. Love is a psychological response.

    To love a human has never been a biological need for an animal.
    To love a human has never been a biological need for a human.

    A human has the highest encephalization quotient of any animal on earth(1). Our intellect has in fact trumped our physical need. Why would a woman ever fall in love with another woman? Certainly you cannot explain this phenomenon with your theory of love. Attraction to another person is a psychological response, not a biological one.

    In the case of homosexuals it is obvious to me that our minds have overcome any theory of a need to perpetuate the species. There are no gay whales and there are no gay jaguars. The only scientific difference that can possibly explain this is our exceptionally high encephalization quotient.

    Well Spiv I hope this gives you something to think about!


  2. aubreycierra said,

    I am still thinking that over, now that I am on break I hope to formulate an answer by the end of the week.

  3. Zack said,

    Perhaps you are looking at the problem all wrong, or at least from the wrong perspective. I think that first you need to identify what you mean by love, what is its criteria for being so, and what is it exactly before one can really attempt to address the question of if one needs it or wants it.

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