Supreme Justice Nominee

May 27, 2009 at 3:48 pm (Government)

Sotomayor has been nominated by President Obama. Some people see this as a racial card, however, her reputation and skills as a judiciary set her apart from the crowd. She has had many years of experience and knowing that she has been on every level of the judiciary branch signifies that she knows multiple view points and will look at the cases before the judges fairly and rationally. There is a lot of fuss about Pres. Obama picking her because she is from the projects and she’s Hispanic. I find that she has the skills needed and her socio-economic background means very little. Her abilities is what should be looked at and when the congregational floor meets and adjourns I hope they make a fair decision based on those qualifications. Please contact you Senators and tell them to support fairness in the judiciary.

The NPR link for the article can be read here

There has been an article published by CNN that has marred her and questioned her competency. The article can be read here. The troubling part is the lack of evidence that was used to make the claim. There was no credentials that signify this and nothing to back up the claim. Was CNN using a misleading quote and is that a part of freedom of the press to twist and skew as they see fit?


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